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Haldon breathtaking views of the estuary & fascinating art structures
1 hour walks

Exe Estuary

Point of Interest

Haldon Artifacts

It is difficult to imagine that less than a century ago Haldon was mainly heathland with scarcely a conifer in sight.

Now ,unfortunately,the peace and tranquility of this part of Haldon is utterly ruined by vociferous cyclists more interested in speed than in nature making it unsafe for walkers both young & old.

We,regrettably,only recommend walks 2 & 3.

Walk 1 (2.6 miles)

This short walk includes some of the paths recently created by the Forestry Commission. In addition,many intriguing wooden structures can be found along the route

Large Xylophone

You can play a tune on a large xylophone ,take cover in various shelters or learn about the history of Haldon.

A short detour will take you to the entrance of Lawrence's tower,Belvedere.

haldon cyclists


This is no longer a relaxing walk with cyclists whizzing past at regular intervals,particularly during weekends.

2.6 miles
1 hr 10 mins
tracks bridle,paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
170 - 252 m
quality of track

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There is a cafe near the Car Park.


Main Fee Car Park £2 all day or limited space at small P

Walk 2 Little Switzerland (4.5 miles)

Check out a cyclist free walk :Haldon's Little Switzerland .

Walk 3 Obelisk Walk (2.4 miles)

Check out our most popular walk near Haldon Obelisk.


See Obelisk page

Walk 4 Haldon Racecourse (2.4 miles)

Check out a walk passing Haldon Racecourse where deer have been spotted.


See Haldon Racecourse page

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Walk 1