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Cheriton Bishop exploring a remote & undisturbed part of Devon
1 hour walks
Point of Interest

remote country side ,Medland Manor

A very pleasant and not too strenuous (dog) walk in a peaceful and remote part of Devon following quiet lanes and public footpaths - the route includes several stiles. A remote crossing

A remote crossing

The route takes you along the back of Medland Manor; the original 13th century building was burnt down ;it belonged to Henry de Stanewe.

Medland Manor

A From Church Lane walk up past the church & school on right then at the school turn right into Venbridge Hill ; cross the dual carriage way then immediately afterwards turn right into a service road which soon becomes a track.

Continue along this track for half a mile then cross a stream and follow path with woods on your right.

B At the end of the woods ,just before where the track crosses a stream,continue left along a path with stream on your right - do not cross stream.

Continue until you reach a lane; cross stile and turn right. Follow lane with woods on your left.

C Follow this lane for 0.2 miles then just before a private drive to Lodge Farm you will see a small gap in the woods on left marked with a Footpath Sign,Turn left onto this footpath.

When path joins the drive continue left up this drive (access along this stretch is permitted) for a short distance and look out for another footpath sign on left - well before any buildings.

Take this path and continue in the same direction as you came aiming for a track.

Follow this track ignoring a footpath sign pointing down hill and continue with Medland Manor on your right. ; the track bends right then heads towards a lane.

D Just before lane turn left towards a hedge then right to join the same lane.

Turn left and continue along this lane for almost half a mile until you join another lane on your right.

E Where the lane joins you will see two gates on your left ; take second gate following the direction of a footpath sign.

Here you need to cross a large field but head South East in the direction of a hedge on your left ; the path is not clearly marked.- see picture below.

Aim for a stile in between the hedges.

Continue down hill crossing a stream and in total another 5 stiles. Turn right when you join a lane and continue to return to the village.

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About Old Cheriton Bishop


2.8 miles
main roads
0 %
altitude range
111 - 203 m
quality of track

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near the A30 bridge or Holewell Lane in the villagesee map


There is one steady climb.

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Cheriton Bishop Walk


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