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Burlescombe delightful walks near the Grand Western Canal
1 hour walks
Point of Interest

Grand Western Canal
Canonsleigh Priory
Westleigh Quarry Trail

Great Western Canal

Pub:Aysford Arms

A combe is a fertile valley with steep sides.

Walk 1 to the Ruins of an old Priory (1.3 miles)

Enjoy a short and easy walk along the Grand Western Canal and into rural Devon,past the ruins of Canonsleigh Priory,an Augustinian nunnery. Much of it still survives.

Canonsleigh Priory
Canonsleigh Priory

As you join the main road,turn right then left up a path which runs along a dismantled railway line and takes you back to the car park..

after rain
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Walk 2 to Holcombe Rogus (4.9 miles)

Whipcott Bridge
Whipcott Bridge

A delightful and easy walk using part of the Grand Western Canal to Holcombe Rogus - Holcombe means Wooden Valley.

drinking well
Drinking Well

Its worth paying a visit to it's 13th century All Saints Church - There has been a place of worship since then 10th century.

Look out for various drinking wells.

The route passes the village pub:Prince of Wales

It returns using mainly footpaths to the canal.

There is an option to see the ruins of an old priory and follow theWestleigh Quarry Trail (dismantled railway) across the canal and into the village of Burlescombe (towards the pub).

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 Walks near Burlescombe: 
UffculmeSampford Peverell 

Limited parking area near Bridge in Burlescombe - see map

There are no steep climbs.

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Walk 1

Walk 2