Best Babbacombe Walks

in the footsteps of Oscar Wild
1 hour walks
Walk 1 (1.2 miles)Walk 2 (3.9 miles)
Easy Oddicombe Beach

Oscar Wilde stayed in 'Babbacombe Cliff' on Beach Street, near the theatre - look out for the blue plaque.

A combe is a fertile valley with steep sides

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Point of InterestWhat to explore?
  • Babbacombe Cliff Railway
  • Oscar Wilde stayed at Babbacombe Cliffe
  • Fore Street shops
Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde referred to his stay as one of the happiest times in his life.
Oddicombe Beach
Oddicombe Beach

Walk 1 Easy (1.2 miles)


An easy walk involving no climbs or steep descent but taking you to a wide space with splendid views of the coast line, even up to Dorset. In the 19th century part of this area (Wallshill) was used as a rifle range.

Remnants of an old camp can be seen as well.

Map of Walk 1

 Walks near Babbacombe
Great easy circular walks exploring Torquay's magnificent coast line , harbour and Tor Abbey
This idyllic village with its famous pub attracts many tourists .
This idyllic village with its famous pub attracts many tourists .

Walk 2 Oddicombe Beach (3.9 miles)


If you want to see Babbacombe in all its glory and the individual shops at St Marychurch, this pub walk is a must!

However, it includes numerous steps and descents and is not suitable for anyone unfit or with knee problems.

The walk starts at Babbacombe Road and takes you via various small parks tothe famous olde shops at Fore Street. Soon you will be joining the Coastal Footpath to Oddicombe Beach and the Babbacombe Cliff Railway.

Delightful Oddicombe Beach bar and cafe :Three Degrees West

Continue along a magnificent stretch of the coast.

It looks as if the path leads into the sea but it climbs safely to a higher level and then using bridges you arrive at a small harbour and the Cary Arms.

Small Harbour

From here, the route climbs to the welcoming space of Walls Hill with breathtaking views of the coast.

parkingPark & Display Car Parks Free but limited:Cary Avenue area

Map of Walk 2

3.9 miles
1 hr 30 mins
tracks bridle/ footpaths
country lanes
main roads
0 %
after rain
altitude range
5 - 110 m
quality of track
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