Aylesbeare Walk

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Aylesbeare is small picturesque village with a delightful church.

The name means Aegel's grove (small wood) .

The church dates back to the 13th century.

Point of InterestExtensive views of Haldon & Exeter
the Nightjar Inn was opened in October 2017.
parkingnear the church or residential
directionsSATNAV Postcode:EX5 2BU
Village of Aylesbeare
Aylesbeare Church Close

Walk 1 Perkin's Village (2.7 miles)


Please note:

Wellies are needed after heavy rainfall when fields are likely to be wet.

A stretch through a wood contains large pebbles.

  • This walk with no steep hiils explores the rural and peaceful life around Aylesbeare and Perkin's Village using quiet lanes and public footpaths - ideal for a spring or summer's day.
  • Two centuries ago Perkin's Village was called Parkyns Village, which was named after the 'end' of an 11th century deer park , west of the village.
  • Sadly, the park no longer exists.
  • Expect to see freely wandering chickens or turkeys on a farm nearby.
  • Also, look out for the thatched 'Old Farmhouse' in the same village.
  • The route offers some extensive views of Exeter & Haldon.
Old Farmhouse, Perkin's Village
Old Farmhouse, Perkin's Village

There are several stiles to negotiate, some in poor repair.

Quiet Country Lane
Quiet Country Lane


Aylesbeare Walk

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2.7 miles
main roads
0 %
altitude range
  60 - 120 m
quality of track
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