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With TYPWiz6 you can quickly change the colours and dimensions of your icons.

The idea is simple: Reduce all icons to black and white then only add colours to those polygons,lines or pois which matter to you.

Step 2 Select your MAP and click OPEN TYP

Step 3 SHIFT / CTRL select your icons and convert to black & white etc .Do this for Polygons,Lines & POIs


Step 4 Save Map . TYPWiz will backup original TYP file

When you save your TYP , return to your map in Basecamp/Mapsource .Enter CTRL G and again to clear the cache


Step 5 Only colour in the lines,polygons or POIs you prefer to stand out !

Step 6 Upload map with new TYP file to your GPS using Garmin's free tool: MapInstall - see picture right.