Mapuploader 5
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Mapuploader 6 Commands

You can automate the process of splitting , creating & launching a map using a script.

Some commands are not availble on demo version.

Click here to see an example of a script that downloads a pbf file and creates a map with DEM and Contours!

<mapuploader>version number</mapuploader>


Files can have following extensions: pbb , osm , o5m, mp


Mapname is required and cannot be empty


If not added,default is no

options : yes , no


same as basecamp



use number or auto


numbers must not have been used before


must be 8 digits , no letters


Default is no


name of gmapsupp.img

<country>My Country</country>

Enter name of country

<description> </description>

Commands using Splitter


Without this option splitter is not used .

It is essential to use this option when creating a map based on a merge file - see <merge>

<split_file>name of archived tiles</split_file>

Use this option when selecting individual tiles

Use with <split>no</split>

<backup>name of archived tiles</backup>

example : <backup>Germany</backup>


Tiles created are archived under name given.


<maxnodes>800000 </maxnodes>

Not essential


Not essential:


Max Jobs




Contours are clipped to map area preventing them to 'stick out'

No need to follow this with <contours>use_clip</contours>


Use previously clipped files

<clip_path>1</clip_path># or path to folder



default: no dem


Important to use this option when using Contours or DEM

when set to auto , it searches folders 1-5 ,ie

<hgt>2</hgt> This searches for hght files in the second of your hgt folders - see Contours/Dem,Settings

TYP & Style


Requires full path

other option: <typ>current</typ>

This uses current TYP file

<style>[name of style]</style>

needs name of style , NOT directory, ie


<style>current</style> uses current style

Basecamp / Mapsource


Will automatically register and launch map - will only work if

a) Mapsource or Basecamp are on your PC

b) You have administrative rights to access registry

c) Check setting of display level - see below

<detail> </detail>

Use this to define your display level when launching Mapsource/Basecamp 64bit only

Acceptable values: lowest,lower,low,medium,high,higher,highest

ie <detail>medium</detail>

Should be used in combination with <launch>

More Commands

option> </option>

requires a number 1/8 or ''no'

Numbers correspond to number given to option

<url> </url>

needs full path.

Example :<url></url>

Verrsion 5.85+ : use multiple url commands for merging files - see example


Path points to where you want the pbf to be saved

Example: <download_path>c:\downloads</download_path>

Note: This is not required when merging pbfs :use <merge_file> instead (5.85 + only)


m=megabytes g=gigabytes

example : <size>123m</size> or <size>3.2g</size>

This command is not essential but provides some indication of how much has been downloaded.


setting this to 'yes' automatically deletes existing pbf file


Applies to Version 5.85+ - see example


#1 Driving 2 Motor Cycling 3 Walking 4 Bicycling 5 Trucking 6 Direct 7 Hiking 8 Mountaineering
#9 Tour Cycling 10 Mountain Biking 11 ATV 12 Dirt Biking 13 RV 14 Off Roading

Example <active_route>4</active_route> # Cycling


used to add a comment

date$ (vers 5.60+)

This replaces date$ with today's date

Depending on how your dates are formulated date$ is replaced with :

month number-day dumber-year or

day number-month number-year




You can merge any number of pbf files

This option needs <merge_file>



Note: when downloading files using <url> there is no need to use <merge>

Instead just add the merged file using <merge_file>




The file name created when merging pbf files - see above


If you want to create a setup file for your map , then use this option.

Mapuploader needs to have pointers to makensis.exe in Settings