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2 Popular Walks
River Axe River Axe
Walk 1 Axminster to the river Axe
 3.8 miles (1h 40)
 difficulty 2/4 (easy)
Walk 2 River Axe & Wyke Green
 4.8 miles (2 hours)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)

Explore Axminster beyond its famous carpet industry.

The name means Monastery near the Axe.


Point of Interest MORIDUNUM a Roman fort
Roman Roads
River Axe
Pubs Numerous pubs in Axminster
parking West Street Car Park Axminster (free on Sundays)
Walk 1
Axminster to the river Axe (3.8 miles)


This pleasant and fairly easy walk takes in a hilly landscape, Abbey Gate and the river Axe.

A The starts in West Street Car Park then meandering through the old part town it joins a footpath on the outskirts of Axminster.

Turn right and head towards Woodbury Farm, behind which lies a Roman fort - only the ditch has been preserved. A Roman 'map' refers to a small town called Moridumum somewhere in the area ; more than likely it developed from the fort.

B Standing in front of Woodbury farm ,you could be standing in front of a hostelry for travellers coming from Exeter, Honiton, Lyme Regis or Ilchester.

Follow the track ,which must date back to the Romans ,until eventually you reach Abbey Gate Lane. Turn right and continue until Lower Abbey Farm.

C Behind the farm are the scant remains of an abbey dating back to the 13th century - unfortunately, you cannot see it from the road.

Turn left, crossing the railway lines through a small tunnel, then head towards two foot bridges.

D Take the one the right and follow & enjoy the peace of a beautiful meandering river.

During the winter or after heavy rainfall wellingtons are recommended.

There is one steady climb and descent.

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Walk 2
River Axe & Wyke Green (4.8 miles)


Similar to the first walk but longer. It follows part of a Tony Robinson walk - see England's last Battle.

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busy crossing this walk crosses a busy road
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