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2 Popular Walks
Kilmington Woods Kilmington Woods
Walk 1 Beacon House
  2.7 miles (1h 10)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 2 Kilminton to Shute
 4.6 miles (2 hours)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)

The path of an ancient Roman road (Dorchester - Exeter) runs close to this charming and most attractive village.

The name means Cynehelm's farmstead


Point of Interest The old Beacon House
Kilmington Village
Pubs The New Inn
parking Residential
Walk 1
Beacon House ( 2.7 miles)


A dog friendly walk, mainly through woods, to the old beacon house where in the late 16th century between March and October a lookout was posted to keep a wary eye for Armada ships - he was forbidden to have a dog or a bed 'less he would fall asleape' .

2.7 miles
55 mins
tracks bridle,paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
40 - 160 m


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Walk 2
Kilminton to Shute (4.6 miles)
shute barton
Shute Barton


Free Parking: Kilmington Village Hall car park , near the church.
This longer but equally varied and pleasant walk steadily climbs into the Woods then descends to Shute Barton, a medieval manor house, open to the public on very rare occasions.

It then returns passing an equally impressive Georgian built Shute House.

There is an option to see the old Armada Beacon House.

A From the Car Park turn left then right into the Street. Where the road forks keep right past the library.

B Turn right into the Hill past the New Inn.

C At the next junction turn left then immediately left again into Shute Road. After 0.3 miles turn right into a track. At the end of the track turn right onto a bridleway.

D At the junction turn left then almost immediately right onto a public footpath
At the end of the path turn left onto Ashes Road, a track, and descend into Shute.

E Walk past the entrance to Shute Barton and turn left into a driveway to a farm then after 170m take footpath on right.

Shute Barton may be open to the public if so you can also walk through the impressive entrance ( and after a 30m turn right onto a footpath back to Shute Road) .

F After 320m with the farm behind you turn left and continue along footpath the drive. Turn right and continue along the drive past Shute House.
The drive may look private but it is designated as a public footpath (Shute Footpath no 5)

GAt the end of the drive turn right then bear left ignoring right lane. Turn right into a bridleway which eventually joins Springhead Lane.
Continue back to Car Park.

There is one steep descent in walk 2

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