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Killerton Estate
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Columbjohn Killerton to AshclystKillerton to BroadclystKillerton to Silverton
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parking Killerton Car Park (Free to National Trust members)
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Columbjohn Chapel
Columbjohn Chapel

Walk 1 Dobury Hillfort , Killerton's Missing Mansion & Columbjohn (2.8 miles)


A delightful walk on the edge of Killerton Gardens, given to the National Trust by Sir Richard Acland.

In spring the woods are almost flooded with bluebells and ramsons. Many trees are over 300 years old.The forest itself once enjoyed Roman occupation.

Killerton's Lost Buildings
Killerton's lost buildings found by Lidar Technology

The Walk

A There is a steady climb to Doburty Hillfort, dating back to the early Iron Age. Nearby the Romans built a fort.

B One of the most spectacular Viewpoints in the area.

C Ruins of Killerton's Lost Mansion recently discovered and surveyed.

Killerton's Lost Mansion

D Turn left then take a few steps and turn right to continue along the back of 'Killerton's Folly', with woods on your right.

E Columbjohn Chapel built in on the lands owned by the Johannes de Culum.
You'll also find remains of a mansion.
The track from here along the farm can be muddy.

Nearest Pubs:Silverton or Broadclyst.

Map of Walk 1

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 Broadclyst - Killerton
Two easy and pleasant circular walks from Broadclyst to Killerton.
 Ashclyst Forest
Various easy walks and trails through a forest now maintained by the National Trust
 Broadclyst Windmill
Gentle walks towards Broadclyst's windmill.
tracks, paths
altitude range 19 - 72 m
quality of track ****


Walk 2 Killerton to Ashclyst (3.5 miles)


Killerton House
Killerton House

This most popular walk combines Ashclyst Forest with Killerton.

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Map of Walk 2

Walk 3 Killerton to Broadclyst (4.2 miles)


Serenity in a rich rolling landscape.

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short walk

Walk 4 Killerton to Silverton (6.8 miles)


A great pub, country and river walk to an idyllic village.

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Nearest café :Stables Café , Killerton