Escot Park through a most secluded Park designed by Capability Brown
Parke Estate
1 hour walks
Walk 1 (1.7 m)Walk 2 (2.6 m)Walk 3 (6.9 m)Walk 4 (6.7 m)Walk 5 (6 m)
Short WalkEscot ParkEscot to FenitonEscot to Cadhay House Escot to Talaton
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Escot Park is a hidden gem for walkers and those who love open spaces dotted with large trees - you can park free of charge .

There is a cafe,the Coach House,with toilet facilities.

Red Squirrel Walk (open 10 am to 4.30 pm)

Otters and all our other Animals are accessible only through a fee paying entrance Kiosk.

More information: Wildwood Escot

Point of InterestEscot Park ,red squirrels & otters
Point of InterestCoach House,Escot Park
parkingFree Escot Park

Walk 1 Escot Park (1.7 miles)

Escot Park
This is one of our 'Thirty Five Minute Walks'

An ideal walk if you prefer a short ramble.

escot to Cadhay House map

Walk 1

Download free map of Escot Park below

Walk 2 Escot Park (2.6 miles)

Escot House

A short but very pleasant ,unspoilt and peaceful walk through the Escot Estate near Feniton.


The river Tale runs through the estate ,once full of trout as described in Thackeray's Pendennis:

' He took to fishing the Brawl [Tale],which runs through the Park,and passes not very far from the garden-wall. And by the oddest coincidence,Miss Amory would walk out and would be quite surprised to see Mr. Pendennis fishing.
I wonder what trout Pen caught while the young lady was looking on? or whether Miss Blanche was the pretty little fish which played round his
fly,and which Mr. Pen was endeavouring to hook?

2.6 miles
main roads
0 %
altitude range
56 - 79 m
quality of track
dog friendlyyes
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map of walk 1

Walk 2

 Walks near Escot:
A fairly easy country walk with well maintained tracks and paths takes you via the delightful hamlet of Larkbeare to the spectacular grounds of Escot.
An easy walk to the picturesque village of Feniton Court - no pub,but a PO and a delightful church. It returns via a wood where deer have been seen.
 Ottery St Mary
A pleasant walk running through the Knightstone estate - one of the best preserved medieval houses in Britain - and returning via East Hill forest.


William Thackeray The 19th century author of Vanity Fair,William Thackeray,grew up in Larkbeare. From here he explored the grounds of Escot Park which years later ,in his novel History of Pendennis,becomes 'Clavering Park'.
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Walk 3 Escot to Feniton (6.9 miles)


Another popular walk can be enjoyed starting from Escot. Check out Escot to Feniton


escot to Cadhay House map

Walk 3

Walk 4 Escot to Cadhay House (6.7 miles)

Cadhay House

This enjoyable walk starts at Escot Park and leads via Larkbeare to Cadhay House ,a Tudor mansion open to the public on certain Fridays.

At 'Birdcage' it follows a long ancient footpath with glorious views of Hembury Fort and the Sidmouth Gap. See map.

Note :Part of the walk can be quite wet after heavy rainfall.

busy crossingThere is a mile long stretch along a country lane near Larkbeare which can be quite busy.


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escot to Cadhay House map

Walk 4

Walk 5 Escot to Talaton (6 miles)

Escot Estate away from the crowds

Check out this walk :Escot to Talaton.



map of Escot Park


Map of Escot P:ark