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5 Popular Walks
Drake's Cottage Drake's Cottage
Walk 1 Very Popular Walk
 2.7 miles (1h 10)
 difficulty 1/4 (easy)
Walk 2 Darts Farm
 3 miles (1h 20)
 difficulty 2/4 (easy)
Walk 3 Topsham
 1.2 miles (30 mins)
 difficulty 1/4 (easy)
Walk 4 Topsham To Exmouth
 5.9 miles (2h 30)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 5 Topsham Ferry & Turf Locks
 3 miles (1h 20)
 difficulty 2/4 (easy)

Topsham's fabled Dutch houses were built using bricks imported from Holland as ballast.

Locals call the town 'Topsam' .


Point of Interest Exe Estuary
Bowling Green Marsh
museum Museum
parking See below
Walk 1
Very Popular Walk (2.7 miles)
Goat Walk
Goat Walk


A delightful walk taking you through Topsham's shopping street, along the fascinating Exe estuary & Goat Walk into the Clyst bird sanctuary.

Goat Walk

You pass Drake's Cottage & Topsham's Museum which is well worth a visit - entrance is free and the cream teas are delicious!

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parking Bowling Green Rd just beyond railway bridge
map of walk 1


Walk 2
Darts Farm (3 miles)


Railway Walk An ideal circular Train Trail from Topsham Station
Bridge Inn near river Clyst
Bridge Inn with bridge across the Clyst

Topsham to Darts Farm 3 miles circular walk using spectacular new bridge across Bowling Green Marsh - see map.

It passes the Bridge Inn, where in 1998 Queen Elizabeth II was offered a drink which she politely declined.


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parking Darts Farm or same as walk 1


Walk 3
Topsham (1.2 miles)


This is one of our 'Thirty Five Minute Walks'

This a short but most delightful walk exploring Topsham's attractions.


Walk 4
Topsham To Exmouth (5.9 miles)


You can walk from Topsham to Exmouth, following the recently completed cycle path.

For more information click below.

Topsham to Exmouth (5.9 miles 2hrs)


Walk 5
Topsham Ferry & Turf Locks (3 miles)


An easy pub & ferry walk favoured by many during the weekend

Before you embark on this walk please check Ferry Times.

You find the Ferry off Ferry Road; look for a shed.

This is an easy walk, no hills but a few stiles, to the  Turf Locks (Hotel) pub, passing the   Swan's Nest and via Exminster Marshes Nature Reserve.

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