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2 Popular Walks
Stoke Woods Stoke Woods
Walk 1 Stoke Woods
 1.4 miles (40 mins)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 2 To Bampford Speke
 7.2 miles (3 hours)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)

Some very old and tall trees are found in these woods (NW of Exeter) which during the Middle Ages provided valuable building timber.

Recently most confiners have been replaced with native trees. As a result wood anemonies can be seen during spring.


Point of Interest Jane Austin & Sense and Sensibility
Pubs At Brampford Speke & Stoke Canon
parking Stoke Woods Main Car Park
Walk 1
Stoke Woods (1.4 miles allow 1 hour)


This is a short but very pleasant walk to a view point which inspired Jane Austen to write Sense & Sensibility.

In the distance you may be looking at 'Barton Park' ,'...four miles northward of Exeter' .
Opposite the car park, at the top of the hill stood once a Roman Signal Station.

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The walk includes some steep descents and some stretches can be quite muddy!


Walk 2
To Bampford Speke (7.2 miles)


This popular walk through some of the most beautiful countryside Devon has to offer starts at Stokewoods (see Car Park).

barton cottage?
Barton Cottage?

It takes you into Brampford Speke via what could have been Jan Austen's Barton Cottage and continues along an old railway line to Stoke Canon & returns via Huxham Church.

Bampford Speke's Church

It follows part of :

East Valley Way, Two Counties Way , Devonshire Heartland Trail.

map of walk pdf

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Brampford Speke:Lazy Toad

Stoke Canon :Stoke Canon Inn


busy crossing A396 needs to be crossed.


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