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Southey Moor Southey Moor

Smeatharpe lies on the border of Somerset and Devon .

Known for its WWII airport it boasts a fascinating Heritage centre recently refurbished , free and a must visit!

Check website for opening hours.



Point of Interest Smeatharpe Airport
WW2 Nissen Hut and Upottery Airfield Heritage Centre
parking Village Hall

Walk 1 Southey & Gotleigh Moors (2.9 miles)


A gem of walk through a totally unspoilt sight of scientific interest. Dogs MUST be kept on leads at all times. One stretch is boggy . Sticks are recommended!

AWith back to Village Hall turn right and walk along a fairly busy lane for a short time. Turn right into residential road which leads to bridle path.

Follow this bridle path into Southey Moor. Although it is fairly well signed, a gps will be useful to continue along the same bridlepath

B Patches can be boggy and uneven, particularly after a wet spell. Sticks are almost essential.

Turn left at country lane and follow this for half a mile ignoring footpath through a wooded area on left.

Turn left at track in an open area and follow this public footpath to Valentine's farm.

C Keep left of farm then turn right following a barely visible public footpath behind the farm.

Continue through Gotleigh Moor and enjoy the views and the sight of ponies grazing.

D Upottery Nissen Hut Heritage Centre is open on certain days of the week.

Check Website for Opening days. There is limited parking space.

Every effort has been made to bring the WW2 Story of Smeatharpe airport to life - ideal for a family visit.

Display of WW2 planes
Display of WW2 Planes


1hr 30 mins
tracks, moorland
main roads
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