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3 Popular Walks
Orley Common Orley Common
Walk 1 Orley Common Loop
 2 miles (50 mins)
 difficulty 2/4 (easy)
Walk 2 Brownscombe Hill
 5.5 miles (2h 20)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 3 Torbryan & Broadhempston
 4.1 miles (1h 40)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)

Ipplepen lies south west of Newton Abbot .

A recent archaeological dig has brought it into the limelight; the on-going archaeology is rewriting the history books, suggesting that Ipplepen was Romanised as early as 50 AD - ie a year after the Romans settled in what is now called Exeter.

Conan Doyle visited his friend at Ipplepen who gave him the idea of the Hounds of The Baskervilles.


Point of Interest Views of dartmoor , Windmill , Quarry
Old lanes
Pubs Wellington Inn (Ipplepen)
The Old Church House' (Torbryan)
The Monks Retreat' (Broadhempston)
parking Residential or Small Car Park in Ipplepen
Walk 1
Orley Common Loop (2 miles)


A gentle amble through a historic site.

Starting near St Andrew's Church follow Orley Road to Orley Common.

This dates back to the Bronze Age. Fragments of Roman pots have been in the area.

When reaching the woods turn left on a footpath and use map to create a small circular walk.

Return the way you came.

Use map to guide you.


Walk 2
Brownscombe Hill (5.5 miles)

This quite challenging walk follows green lanes,paths and bridlepaths.

busy crossing A busy road has to be crossed twice. This walk is not suitable for young children or anyone lacking a degree of flexibility.

However, it does run through some of the most beautiful countryside in Devon, particularly during the summer with an abundance of wild flowers.

At Combe Fishacre it steadily climbs up an old track, Tanyard lane (once leading to a tannery?), and continues via Windthorn cross, along an old mill leat passing the well known Bickley Mill Inn.

Both lanes date back to the middle ages.or even before - its surface in places poses a bit of a challenge. After heavy rain patches can become quite muddy.

Once at the top. the views of Dartmoor are quite spectacular.

In the distance, you can see an old windmill which seems to act as a beacon.

It returns along part of Stoneycombe quarry.You can see the unique pink limestone from a specially built platform. Stoneycombe is noted for an unusual species of whitebeam.

Once you have crossed the busy road for the second time, you pass the site where a small Roman settlement & road was found (on left past farm yard).

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Walk 3
Torbryan & Broadhempston (4.1 miles)
Torbryan Church & Pub
Torbryan Church & Pub


This pleasant walk passes two historic pubs and follows public foot paths and fairly quiet lanes.

 'The Old Church House' in Torbryan

 'The Monks Retreat' at Broadhempston

From the small car park turn right and take a lane to Torbryan.

Alternatively, you can park residentially in Ipplepen and walk to the starting point using a foot path parallel to the lane out of Ipplepen.- this would make the total distance around 4.9 miles.

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parking Small Car Park in forest, see map or Residential in Ipplepen.
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