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Dawlish Ale Trail  
1 hourish walks

Nine pubs along this exciting and easy 1.5 mile pub trail

The Original Trail included 10 pubs - 2012 saw the closure of the Exeter Inn.

starting Point Trail Start : Marine Tavern on Marine Parade

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Okehampton - Belstone


From the station follow the railway line towards Teignmouth

Stay at ground level & continue with mini golf on your right .

Turn into Marine Parade , continue for 77 m

Marine Tavern is on your right.

  Marine Tavern    
B 92m

With back to Marine Tavern turn left towards town.

Cross Teignmouth Hill and turn left to yellow Teignmouth Inn

  Teignmouth Inn    
C 311m

With back to Teignmouth Inn turn left towards town and take next left into Brusnwick Place.

Do not cross river

Brunswick Arms is on your left

  Brunswick Arms    
D 800m

With back to Brunswick Arms turn left keep river on your right.

At the next junction cross over (toilets are nearby) and continue along a path, with river on your right . Do not be tempted to cross bridges until and the end when the path curves to the right.

Cross footbridge and when you reach a road turn left and continue for 150 m
T he Swann Inn is on your right, where the road curves to the left.

  The Swann Inn    
E 465m

With Back to the Swann Inn turn left towards town and continue along Old Town Street.

This becomes Park Road

Where the road splits with Regent Street, continue slight left along Park Road.

The Lansdowne    

With Back to the Lansdowne turn, cross the road into Queen Street.

At the bottom turn right and continue along the Strand.

The White Hart soon appears on your right.

  The White Hart    

Return the way you came and continue along the Strand.

Just past t the Co-Op turn left into Strand Hill.

At the Top & on your left you will see the South Devon

  The South Devon    

With back to the pub continue for a short while towards the sea then turn right into Commercial Road

At the bottom on your left is the entrance to the Dog House - a pub that has been renamed several times.

  The Dog House    

With back to pub turn right and cross the busy A379 to Exeter

Continue down a small alley.

Ahead , you will see the last pub !

  The Railway Inn