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The most advanced TYP File Editor

How to make your map clearer & less cluttered

Often , names of cities,towns & villages are obscured by :labels of other points or areas or the fontsize of street names!

Although a TYPWiz 6 cannot change the contents of a map , it can change fontsizes of selected elements and make their labels invisible!

Select Elements using CTRL Click or SHIFT Click

From the main menu Tools,Batch Conversion of Fonts and tick Add Font to All . Select new font and click OK

no-label means invisible.

before after
before after

Select Icons & Perform a Task

Select more than one

Use CTRL or SHFT keys to select

Use ESC key to cancel

  • Delete selected elements
  • Give selected elements the same draw order
  • Give selected elements the same Font Style or Color
  • Copy selected elements and paste into a different TYP file
  • much more!

Multiple highway colours

3 colour highway

Lines / highways with 3-5 colours

  • In this example we selected 3 lines
  • Right Click and Edit
  • Set one colour to transparent
  • See final result in our South West 2020 TOPO
  • In Basecamp/Mapsource search Rawridge

Your questions

Youtube :What are Draworders? Aspects Covered  

  The Mystery of Extra Draworders

  • How to load a TYP file from Basecamp
  • How to modify a typ file
  • How to restore original typfile
  • How to quickly give all or selected polygons the same draworder
  • How to quickly give all polygons a unique draworder
Youtube Tutorial
How do I change my contour lines?  

Find out what the type number is for contours:

  • Click on Lines (Top left)
  • Tick 'type search box' next to Basecamp Icon and Search for Contour:


  • Create 3 contour lines, 0x20,0x21 and 0x22
Search for TYPE number
What else can I search for?
  • Click on Lines (Top Left)
  • Try Power for powerlines
  • Click on Polygons
  • Try Park
  • etc
How can I change my map's TYP file? How can I quickly add an extra language?
  • Go Tools ,TYP files from Basecamp/Mapsource
  • Select your map and click 'OPEN TYP'
  • Make changes then Tools,TYP files from Basecamp/Mapsource
  • Click the 'Replace ... TYP' button and reload Basecamp/Mapsource
How can I make my active routing lines
bigger or change their colours?
How can I make my NUVI/ZUMO icons bigger or change their colours?
active routing Extra POIS
How can I make my TOPO active routing lines stand out? How can I convert any map to say black and white and highlight the lines/pois I really need?
  • Convert your map to shades of grey or any palette then add colour to only what you want !
  • Image shows part of a new look TOPO France 4 with only cycling routes highlighted in blue.
How can I copy or delete multiple icons?

Copy Multiple Icons Paste selection
  • Use Shift or CTRL Click to select icons
  • Right Click and select Copy or Delete
  • Paste selection into a new TYP file
MY Map! How Can I change my existing map and only show what I want?
  • There has been a big trend towards changing the colours of Garmin's Navigator maps using our Map Theme Editor.
  • We therefore took the TYP file of a popular Openfietsmap map and quickly converted it to Black & White using 'Colour,Convert to Black & White'
  • We then gave cycle paths , cycle routes and a few POIs a red colour .
Create Own Map
How can I optimise icons for my Forerunner, Fenix , Quatix, D2 & other devices with limited Colour Palettes? How can I create a TYP file from my mkgmap style files?
Can I change the Hill Shading (DEM) effect ? How can I quickly import elements defined by Mapuploader as 'not in TYP'
Unfortunately, Garmin has not provided a way for TYP files to change the colour of any hill shading. It has to be black!

Save missing polygons,lines or points as twzx and import into TYPWiz 6.


Garmin Gmapsupps

TYPWiz6 & Androids

1) Extract TYP file from a gmapsupp using TYPWiz 6
--> Tools,Extract TYP file from gmapsupp

2) Edit your TYP file and recompile gmapsupp :
--> Tools, Add/Replace Gmapsupp TYP file

3) Download version 7.4.22 or higher from Oruxmaps.com, not the version from Google Store

4) Copy gmapsupp into


5) Select Offline maps

6) Currently, Oruxmaps does not parse no_label

Orux screenshot Orux Screenshot