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Malmsmead Malmsmead
Walk 1 to Oare
 2.6 miles (1h 10)
 difficulty 2/4 (easy)
Walk 2 Bagworthy Waters & Medieval Village
 4.8 miles (2 hours)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 3 to Brendon
 4.2 miles (1h 50)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)

Three delightful Exmoor walks from Malmsmead exploring the legend of Lorna Doone

There is no pub at Malmsmead

Nearest pub :Pub at Brendon Staghunters Inn


Point of Interest What to explore

Lorna Doone Farm
St Mary's Church, Oare
Blackmore Memorial
Gift Shop : Lorna Doone Farm

parking Malmsmead Pay & Display
Walk 1
to Oare (2.6 miles)
St Mary Church,Oare
St Mary Church,Oare


This is a short and easy walk through part of the countryside which inspired R.D. Blackmore to write Lorna Doone.

It follows quiet lanes,tracks and foot paths.

A At Oare's St Mary Church , Blackmore's Carver Doone shot Lorna during the wedding ceremony with John Ridd.

Blackmore based Lorna Doone on many of the tales he heard from his father who at one time was rector of Oare Church.


Walk 2
Bagworthy Waters & Medieval Village (4.8 miles)


Explore Doone Valley to the full.

Please note : route offers very little shelter against heavy rain.

A Blackmore Memorial

B Bagworthy Waters

'We knew that it brought a good stream down, as full of fish as of pebbles; and we thought that it must be very pretty to make a way where no way was, nor even a bullock came down to drink.'

Doone Valley
Doone Valley

'and yet it was a frightful thing, to venture, where no grown man durst, up the Bagworthy water'

C Unfortunately , the village ruins are now completely covered by vegetation.

2.6 miles
tracks footpaths
country lanes
main roads
0 %
altitude range
72 - 82 m
quality of track
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Walk 3
to Brendon (4.2 miles)


A delightful pub walk from Malmsmead to Brendon following mainly foot & bridle paths.

After heavy rain some stretches can be muddy.

After Brendon, you join the Coleridge Way, a long distance hiking route named after the poet Sam Coleridge.

Pub at Brendon Staghunters Inn

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