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  Popular Kennerleigh Walks
3 Popular Walks
Walk 1 Woolfardisworthy Church
 3.7 miles (1h 30)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 2 Woolfardisworthy & East Densham
 4.7 miles (2 hours)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 3 Berry Castle & Blackdog
 6 miles (2h 30)
 difficulty 4/4 (challenging)

The tranquil rolling landscape around Kennerleigh has changed little since the Middle Ages.

Kennerleigh means ' Cyneweard's wood/clearing.'

Woolfardisworthy (Saxon for 'farm of Wolfeard') is know locally as Woolsery .


parking Residential near Church
Walk 1
Woolfardisworthy Church (3.7 miles)


A pleasant if not muddy country walk through an unspoilt tranquil part of Devon with many views to enjoy.

AWith back to church yard turn left on Crossway Hill. Then almost immediately, take footpath on right near a gate left at entrance of a track.

Do not walk up the track towards the farm.

B With back the gate turn right and continue in a 2 o'clock direction, initially keeping fram track on your right.

Go through hedge then continue in the same diagonal direction to the far left corner of this field.

Continue into another field.

At the lane turn right then almost immediately left and follow path with hedge on left.

At the lane turn right, turn left at the junction.

C After 0.4 miles just after a junction with another lane and after a footpath sign on your right take a small track which leads to the church . Continue through the church yard and follow this path heading west.

Where it jouins a lane turn right along the lane which turns into a footpath through some woods.

D At the junction with another footpath turn 90 degrees left. and continue along this path crossing a lane.

Cross another lane and follow this footpath across a field & through some woods.

E At the junction with another footpath turn left and continue along this path which leads back to Kennerleigh.

There are several steady climbs.

Wellies are recommended. kennerleigh 1


Walk 2
Woolfardisworthy & East Densham (4.7 miles)


A longer version of walk 1

Starts as walk 1 . Download route and follow on mobile kennerleigh walk 2


Walk 3
Berry Castle & Blackdog (6 miles)


This pleasant walk takes in the partial outline of Berry Castle , the village of Blackdog and Woolfardisworthy.

Not much is left of Berry Castle other than an incomplete enclosure. Unfortunately, little is known about its purpose.

 Walks near Kennerleigh
Many great walks of varying lengths to choose from.
Enjoy a delightful country walk to Upton Hellions' Church.
  Morchard Bishop
Morchard (Large Wood) Bishop lies almost halfway on the Two Moors Way . In the village you will find a detailed map of all the footpaths in the area ,a welcome sign to all walkers and hikers.