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3 Popular Walks
Walk 1 Black Alder Wood
 4.5 miles (1h 50)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 2 Easy Short Walk
 2.1 miles (1 hour)
 difficulty 2/4 (easy)
Walk 3 Barton Church
 4.2 miles (1h 50)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)

A delightful village tucked away on the edge of several forests

The name means 'Ted' stream near St Mary's church


Pubs the Kings Arms
parking Near Post Office off Huish Lane,Tedburn St Mary
Walk 1
Black Alder Wood (4.5 miles)


This walk is at its best during a sunny day in summer when you can enjoy the profusion of buttercups, foxgloves and red campions.

After heavy rain, a short stretch of the bridlepath in the forest can be quite tricky but can be negotiated.

Although there is a steepish climb, the effort is rewarded by stunning views and total seclusion.

Along this walk you are able to locate numerous easy geocaches - see here for more information.

Walk 1  
4.5 miles
2 hrs
tracks bridle,paths
main roads
0 %
after rain
altitude range
72 - 173 m
quality of track

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Walk 2
Easy Short Walk (2.1 miles)


A shorter walk through old tracks and rolling hills.

During the winter section of a track can become very muddy making the walk more strenuous.

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Walk 3
Barton Church (4.2 miles)


This rural walk takes you to Town Barton Church then follows a fairly long stretch up an old & tranquil lane to Blackalder Wood, returning via paths and tracks.

The village of Tedburn enjoys two pubs, the Kings Arms and the Red Lion.

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