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3 Popular Walks
Viaduct Ahead Viaduct Ahead
Walk 1 Viaduct & Town
 1.4 miles (40 mins)
 difficulty 2/4 (easy)
Walk 2 Tavistock Canal & Viaduct
 1.4 miles (40 mins)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 3 Whitchurch & Plaster Down
 3.6 miles (1h 30)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)

Tavistock - farm on the river Tavy - is a town known for its Pannier Market and individual shops and cafes .

Sir Francis Drake was born in Crowndale Farm near Tavistock - today it's left in ruins.

The viaduct was part of the Plymouth to Tavistock link opened in 1859.


Point of Interest Drake,.Pannier Market,Goose Fair,Viaduct
Pubs The Tavistock Inn
the Cornish Arms
The Market Inn
Point of Interest spectacular views of Tavistock
parking Bedford Car Park Pay & Display
Walk 1
Viaduct & Town (1.4 miles)
 A possible 'Walking from Home' walk
Paddons Row
Paddons Row

An easy town walk around Tavistock following lanes and public foot paths.

A The route starts at Bedford Car Park.
Head towards the furthest left corner of the car park direction town centre. Turn left onto a path, cross a stream and turn left when joining Plymouth Road. Cross over into Russel Street.

Turn left when you join West Street and continue for 119 metres . Cross over and take steps right of Rocky Hill.

B Climb steps and follow a path that leads to Glanville Road. Turn right , and continue up to the Viaduct ignoring Madge Lane on right.

C Turn right into a public footpath across the viaduct and enjoy the views!

D Once off the viaduct, where the road sharply bends to the right take an almost hidden footpath on your left which skirts the old railway station. Continue along the foot/cyclepath until it loops back onto itself and joins a residential Road.
Turn left and continue downhill for 1 mile.

E Take some steep steps on your left and descend into Paddons Row.

This leads to the main shopping area.
Cross diagonally left into Market Street and continue along the river until you see an opening on your right into Pannier Market.

Explore and return the way you entered, then turn right and follow the river.

At the end, cross over and turn into a path along the river. Continue until car park.

Please note, Panier market can not be accessed during Bank Holidays or Sundays.

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Walk 2
Tavistock Canal & Viaduct (1.4 miles)
Tavistock Canal
Tavistock Canal

The route starts at Bedford Car Park.
Head towards the river (there are two openings from the car park) and turn right following a path a long the river Tavy.

In the park take right-diagonal path which continues under the main road and then along the Tavistock Canal ; this canal linked Tavistock to the English Channel.

Take tow-path along canal - cross canal over footbridge and follow cycle route to the top and the viaduct.

Dismantled Railway

Follow instructions for walk 1 from D.

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Walk 3
Whitchurch & Plaster Down (3.6 miles)
parking Limited spaces on Church Hill near Whitchurch church

A pleasant & peaceful field walk South of Tavistock following public footpaths and quiet lanes.

Wellies are recommended after heavy rain.


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