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2 Popular Walks
Shobrooke hills Shobrooke Hills
Walk 1 North Shobrooke
 3.2 miles (1h 20)
 difficulty 3/4 (challenging)
Walk 2 South Shobrooke
 4.2 miles (1h 50)
 difficulty 2/4 (easy)

Shobrooke, East of Crediton, is a most popular centre for walkers.



Point of Interest Extensive views and rolling landscape
Pubs Red Lion
parking See below
Walk 1
North Shobrooke (3.2 miles)


This short but very pleasant walk offers magnificent views and takes you into a very unspoilt part of Devon.

It passes a splendid inn, the Red Lion, situated in Shobrooke. Paths are well maintained.

3.2 miles
1 hr 10 mins
tracks, fields
main roads
0 %
 after rain
altitude range
  46 - 102 m
quality of track

parking Near Shobrooke church


Walk 2
South Shobrooke (4.2 miles)


This pleasant walk explores a most peaceful landscape south of Shobrooke; it follows the calm river Creedy and returns along the lakes of Shobrooke Park.

You can make a short diversion into Shobrooke and possibly the Red Lion , there being no other pub en route.

map of walk pdf

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