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Why GPS and which GPS system should I choose?

It seems that in many parts of Somerset footpaths in are very poorly marked, if at all! Perhaps previous signs have 'quietly' been disposed off by existing landowners.

For more information click here. Remember, all our routes can be reversed on your gps!

A Walk Near You

You don't have to travel far or through endless narrow lanes just to enjoy the beautiful and varied scenery of Somerset.


This site offers a host of circular walks , long and short, with easy driving access to the starting point .

None of the walks require a drive up narrow country lanes. There are no steep up and down walks; nor do any of them follow a main highway . All walks include footpaths or tracks and are designed to allow the walker to enjoy the landscape and its wild life, with or without dog!



Unfortunately, many of the paths in Somerset are NOT MAINTAINED.


Picture on left shows an unsafe stile near Oake,Taunton, blocked by nettles and electric fencing. Again,in this area ,access to a path was barred by an overgrown hawthorn hedge resulting in a dangerous deviation along a busy road! In addition , we had to traipse through a marshy wilderness of high grass,brambles and nettles.


Our walks should be obstacle free but please let us know if you have come across any unforeseen hindrances.


Free GPX download for Mobile & GPS

All our walks can be downloaded for free in gpx format. For more information about how to show gpx files click here