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Edit and modify a TYP file's FID,PID and codepage using command lines

TYPWiz TWZ runs using command lines.

At present, you can modify a TYP file's FID, PID and Codepages using a command line.

TYPWiz 6 registered users will soon be able to convert a TYP file to a txt file.




twz -help /p

Change FID,PID and codepage

twz -fid=3678 -s=f:\typfiles\topo_650001.typ -o=e:\example1.typ

Use quotes if file location contains a space:

twz -fid=3678 -pid=1 -s="f:\program files\typs\topo_650001.typ" -o=e:\example2.typ

Change codepage only

twz -s="f:\program files\typs\topo_650001.typ" -o=e:\example3.typ -codepage=936

Change FID and codepage

twz -fid=3678 -s=f:\typfiles\topo_650001.typ -o=e:\example4.typ -codepage=65001

Note: changing a typ file accurately to 65001 requires TYPWiz7

Order of commands is not important.

Version 1.01 download twz