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TYPWiz 6.35

TYPWiz 6.324

TYPWiz 6.27

TYPWiz 6.25

Adding Canvas in Editor
  • Added canvas feature when editing individual elements
  • Added auto resizing of Editor's main screen
  • Various embellishments in Editor
  • SHIFT Click on the picture to select your colour

TYPWiz 6.21

TYPWiz 6.17

Fixed minor night poi issue when exiting without editing.

Display 'N' more clearly when elements have night pois.

TYPWiz 6.16

night poi day poi half day half night
night poi day poi Icon

TYPWiz 6.11

default text right offset label
Label attached to POI
Garmin default
Label separated from POI

    1) Add Right White Space to POI using Canvas Option

    2) Add single pixel, Tools Add POI pixel

TYPWiz 6.06

Those with current TYPWiz 5 licences can upgrade for free to TYPWiz 6.


TYPWiz 6 Editor
TYPWiz 6's Editor
  • Bug fixes & overall performance optimization
vibrance filter
  • Added new colour filter: vibrance
  • This enables you to liven up a dull image - useful for certain devices like gpsmap64
  • Restore image by clicking on thumbnail showing original image.
    Click on butterfly to return to original image .
  • Select palette by clicking on a list
select palette