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TYPWiz 6.72

TYPWiz 6.71

TYPWiz 6.62

Garmin's 6 Hidden Polygon Types

4 Colour no pattern Polygon

grey : Day

light green : Day Extra

Orange: Night

Dark Green : Night Extra

Xpm="0 0 4 0"

Extra polygons have no patterns.


This version includes 6 new types of polygons. rendered in Basecamp / Mapsource / Homeport & Garmin devices, and totally undocumented.

Their purpose is not clear but it hints at an extra condition displayed in older (?) marine (?) maps.

They are all solid polygons, some with an unusual number of colours, ie xmp="0 0 4 0 " or xpm="0 0 3 0"

Some have night colours and some have night versions of the x factor.

Such polygons can serve as a way of protecting your TYP file with a unique watermark! (ie polygon type 2 or 4)

TYPWiz 6.54

TYPWiz 6.5

Editing Theme

To match your TYP file types to the Theme add the type number:


ROAD_HWY_MJRs are linked to 0x02 and ROAD_HWY_MNRs to 0x03 but you can change all this.

Remember , a TYP file allows for a greater choice of highways so it becomes a bit of a trial and error

to match types to the correct 'theme line'.

(Do not delete 1%,)


Multiple types are possible , ie


Arrows and trails

By default colours are magenta but these can be changed

;ColourOrder:Primary day,Primary night,secondary day, secondary night

(,F046F0 is magenta trail with C800C8 as dark magenta border

Arrows Pointer (RTE_ARRW)

Edit Theme

: white arrow (day & night) with black (day) , red border (night)

: blue arrow (day),white arrow (night) with green borders

RTE_ARRW,0000FF,FFFFFF,00FF00, 00FF00,



Most polygons have two types - the higher types (0x100+) make them appear on Basecamp/Mapsource.

Water means Sea and large rivers


TYPWiz 6.4

Adding Canvas in Editor

TYPWiz 6.35

TYPWiz 6.324

TYPWiz 6.27

TYPWiz 6.25

Adding Canvas in Editor
  • Added canvas feature when editing individual elements
  • Added auto resizing of Editor's main screen
  • Various embellishments in Editor
  • SHIFT Click on the picture to select your colour

TYPWiz 6.21

TYPWiz 6.17

Fixed minor night poi issue when exiting without editing.

Display 'N' more clearly when elements have night pois.

TYPWiz 6.16

night poi day poi half day half night
night poi day poi Icon

TYPWiz 6.11

default text right offset label
Label attached to POI
Garmin default
Label separated from POI

    1) Add Right White Space to POI using Canvas Option

    2) Add single pixel, Tools Add POI pixel

TYPWiz 6.06

Those with current TYPWiz 5 licences can upgrade for free to TYPWiz 6.


TYPWiz 6 Editor
TYPWiz 6's Editor
  • Bug fixes & overall performance optimization
vibrance filter
  • Added new colour filter: vibrance
  • This enables you to liven up a dull image - useful for certain devices like gpsmap64
  • Restore image by clicking on thumbnail showing original image.
    Click on butterfly to return to original image .
  • Select palette by clicking on a list
select palette