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TYPWiz 6 (coming 2019)

Those with current TYPWiz 5 licences can upgrade for free to TYPWiz 6 when available.

TYPWiz 6 Editor
TYPWiz 6's Editor
  • Added new colour filter: vibrance
  • This enables you to liven up a dull image - useful for certain devices like gpsmap64
vibrance filter
  • Restore image by clicking on thumbnail showing original image.
    Click on butterfly to return to original image .
  • Select palette by clicking on a list
vibrance filter
  • Added possibility of applying colour filters to one colour
  • Editor given a complete facelift

Version 5.965

  • Added clickable tone palette when clicking on a colour
  • Click top right button to revert to original colour
  • To cancel feature go Preference,Color/Icons and
    untick 'On Click Show Shades'

Version 5.962

Version 5.96


Version 5.95