Free Model Matcher for Microsoft FS2020

New type found at Schiphol

The program is designed to automate the process of collecting engine data
without having to manually add new entries to ELT's config file


ELT uses its ModelMatching.json to match models.

Make sure the models you use contain isAirTraffic = 1 in their aircraft.cfg files

Model Matcher automatically updates this file and sorts the entries alphabetically .

Whenever you make a change ELT has to be reloaded

Locate Log File

Click the >> button and find the log file folder. This only needs to be done.

This automatically finds the ModelMatching.json file

Select the Models

ELT by default includes a mixture of small and large sized planes.

With Model Matcher you can specify the types you want to include.

Tick or untick certain models

Add your own models

A380 at Heathrow

A380 'captured' at Heathrow using

Model includes : A38

Aircraft spawned : Airbus A380

Find model of A380 and in aircraft.cfg file
set isAirTraffic = 1


Tick 'Logs' to show a list of logs.

Model Matcher lists the various log files you may have collected.

Click on a file to display the various types, listed separately on right.

Next , Click 'Add To Config' button.

If the .ModelMatching.json file does not contain a type it gets added.

Reload ELT so it can use the newly created ModelMatching.json file.

A backup of the original .json file will be made

Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport

Live Aircraft at an airport

You do not need logs to obtain your type data.

Click on an airport and if any live traffic was found click 'Add To Config'

Right Click on Airport to reset range.

Adding and Airport

Find the ICAO code for an airport & enter code in text below 'airport'.

Click Search.

If it has found the airport click 'Add'

In the list of airports on left click on your added airport to find any live traffic.


Model Matcher filters traffic <1000 ft, so you can quickly check if the match has been successful.

3 Ryan Airs