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MapUploader 6 Extra Features


Checking Tiles for Contours or DEM files

Youtube Tutorial Quickly check which tiles lack the necessary HGT files or Contours! See our short Tutorial.

How to create your own FREE Garmin Map in 4 Easy Steps

How to create your high definition own contours.

how to upload Adding High Quality Contours trapping errors
How to create maps with
Hill Shading (DEM)

How to create & add high quality contours
to your Custom Garmin TOPOs
using HGT files

How to trap mkgmap style errors
Show Conflicting maps on your device
Highlighted in red are any maps which will be ignored by your device !

Go Tools,

Collect Map IDs & FIDs

Highlighted in red are any maps which will be ignored by your device !  
Convert KML or GPX files to IMG  

GPX or KML (Google Earth) files can be converted into a Garmin compatible img file!

From the Convert option on the main menu select 'Convert KML to MP' or 'GPX to MP'

Once the files are converted to .mp they can be used by MapUploader.


Check your TYP file

  • Only MapUploader 6 can check which elements in your TYP file are not used in your style sheets! . Just click the green cross icon
  • Check which items should or should not appear on your overview map : Click Resolution button and check for any items with resolution < 18!

Windows 10 and MapUploader 6

Mapuploader portable works on W10 but needs permissions only when adding maps to Basecamp/Mapsource: not when creating a map for your GPS device (gmapsupp.img)

1) Ensure Basecamp or Mapsource exist on your PC

2) Locate.reg file found in the folder which Mapuploader creates in a folder named after the your map, ie /mymap/mymap.reg.

3) Right Click on .reg file and run as administrator.

4) Check map target folder: c:\garmin\maps

5) Go Tools --> Create NSIS Window Installer and double click on the .exe when created

More Documentation

  Tricks with Styles  
  default.typ for mkgmap's default style TIPS & TRICKs 4

 os50 style + address searches & os50.TYP

Youtube Tutorials


Initially , Mapuploader may be unable to write to the register when uploading maps to Basecamp or Mapsource.

Use the following procedure - this needs to be done once only:

1) Set Map Target Directory to c:\garmin\maps

2) Download and install makensis.exe

3) In Settings --> All Settings --> Key Software point to 'makensis.exe' on your harddrive.

4) Create a map in mapuploader

5) Go Tools --> Create NSIS Window Installer

This may take a minute then click on 'Output Dir' and find the <name of map>.exe it has created - for icon see right.

6) Double Click to add map to register.

Can't Authenticate maps . Contact content seller for help

You may get message 'Can't Authenticate maps .Contact content seller for help' on

This happens if a gmapsupp has been created using the option --unicode.

It does not affect maps created using Mapuploader as long as you don't add the unicode option.

How to create a gmapsupp with Greek,Arabic,Russian etc characters and not use the -unicode option

This only applies to codepages 1250 - 1258 - see why

You can use a TYP file to show Greek,Arabic,Hebrew,Russian,Polish,Czech.

For the sake of convenience use codepage 65001 which incorporates all other codepages.

Abbreviating street names depending on their length

Street Abbreviations

Road: Howeth Road

Rd : Columbia Rd

Close: Kings Close

Cl. : Archdale Cl

Gardens: Lewis Gardens

Gdns: Hendford Gdns

 How is it done?


Latest Tip: 2c or not 2c ...

Garmin uses 0x2c12 for Castles,large buildings

However when you try plotting them at a resolution lower than 24 they only appear at resolution 24!

To ensure such buildings are searchable it is essential to use 0x2c12

Use another poi , say 0x12c12 also for castles

historic=castle|historic=fort [0x12c12 resolution 20-23 continue]
historic=castle {set name='${castle}'}[0x2c12 resolution 24]#feb2020

However, this didn't make any difference but the following works :

historic=castle|historic=fort [0x12c12 resolution 20-24 continue]
historic=castle {set name='${castle}'}[0x2c12 resolution 24]# transparent