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How to fix java,registry and memory problems


Go Help,Download Essential Software

Click on Download Java and download Java from website.
When using windows make sure you use 64 bit Java.

Note: Once downloaded, you need to restart mapuploader6 - no need to reboot PC !


Large OSM files need to be split to avoid memory issues

  • We suggest splitting the osm using a maxnodes value of 80 000 or even 40 000
  • Eventhough your PC comes with say 16gig memory the Java VM only works if memory is set to


    You could try -XMx 2048 but more than likely java will bomb out!
  • If max-jobs are not specified mkgmap often produces the wrong value! , ie max-jobs=8

    We suggest you start with max-jobs=1 : Go Preference,Setup,Advanced

  • Another suggestion ,put forward by one of our users, who had serious problems compiling a 5gig map:

    download an older version of Java, jre-10.0.2_windows-x64_bin.exe

    It solved all his problems with no limitations to max jobs!


On W10 there may be a problem accessing the registry when uploading to Basecamp/Mapsource

  • Go Tools,Fix Registry Problem

  • Click OK to install a test map.

  • The default destination folder is C:\Garmin\Maps\test-map

  • Note : make sure mapuploader's map target folder is the same:

    Go Preference,Setup,Essential

    Check your map target folder and change it if necessary.

If all fails , find .reg file in folder containing your map. Run as Administrator

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