FS BlackBox for Microsoft FS2020/2024

A simple free tool for Windows 10 / 11 to record your flight so you can analyse your successes and possible mishaps.

See the cities,towns and villages you flew over.

Track and Analyse :

  • Your route
  • Your Landing
  • Your Altitude
  • Your Speed
  • Your Gears
  • Your Flap settings
  • Your Spoiler settings
  • The Ambient Temperature
  • The Wind speed & direction
  • Stall & Overspeed
  • Automatic Pilot
  • Lights:Taxi, Beacon, Strobe & Landing
    When are they switched on/off?

Highlighting Mistakes

FS Blackbox highlights issues related to Airbus A32NX versions - see landing at Gibraltar

Flaps 1 to 8
No Flaps X
Spoilers S
No Spoilers S
Gear Down GD
Gear UP GU
Automatic Pilot ON A+
Automatic Pilot OFF A -
Stall ST
Overspeed Line RED

Easy to share or exchange your routes and adventures.

Updating as you fly....
Updating as you fly......

Customise the program

Add Flight Plan

Add PLN Flight Plans and click on Waypoints for details.

Show distance and name of next waypoint:

Any Errors clearly highlighted...

  • Colours indicate levels of Altitude
  • Numbers indicate flap settings
  • GD = Gear Down
  • S = Spoilers set to 0%

Save flight as GPX

Save your route as a gpx to show on Basecamp.

Search ILS runways and frequencies

FS Blackbox contains ILS data for all runways in the world.

ILS Frequencies
Flight from Liverpool to Brussels ,distance 350 nm Next WP Lindy 24.6 nm