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Theme Editor 4.1 (new version)

The most advanced Garmin Theme Editor changing maps on NUVI , ZUMO and Car models devices FAST!

  From Garmin:

  'We had wanted to put something together to make it easier to build those themes, but time
 never allowed for it.  
I am glad that someone took the initiative.'

Theme Editor Main Screen

Theme Editor is a very popular Editor of Garmin Map Themes (kmtf files) used on many Nuvi , Zumo & Car devices.

It's FREE with no junk to untick!

Latest Version:

  • Fixed night 'code issues
  • Added support for Night Pointers/Arrows
  • Fixed night colours not showing correctly in Editor
Theme Editor 3
Theme Editor 3

Cars with built in Garmin GPS systems

If your car comes with a built in Garmin GPS and can update your maps via a USB (see car manual), you can also create a new theme and upload it to your car!

What you are not told is ...

When updating your map you can add your theme and even your POIs, like street cameras - see gpi format below.

The following applies to Hondas but should apply to other cars as well .

a) follow instructions on how to add a special garmin xml file so it recognises your car.

b) Use Garmin Express to download your map

c) Before reinserting your usb into your car's usb slot create a new directory called Themes within the 'Garmin' folder.

d) Drop your new theme and copies of your current themes into the Themes folder.

Changing a Highway's colour
garmin car sat nav on a Honda

WARNING !!! You must have copies of all your other themes and insert them into the themes folder as well!

If you don't , the device deletes all existing themes and you will only have a default one,called Garmin, and your new one !

If this happens, obtain the usual theme files and add them to the Themes folder, then reupdate your map in the car.

Picture also shows own style (with Beach, tracks etc) and a Speed Camera POI (48x48)


Speed Cameras in Europe

speed camera Speed Cameras can be added as well

Download speed camera data for free no membership required!

Convert TYP files to Themes

TYPWiz 7 can

a) convert themes to TYP files, enabling you to visualise your theme on Basecamp or Mapsource - see below.

b) convert a TYP file to a kmtf file

Simple Download with NO JUNK to untick!

 Available Free

 checked for viruses & malware with:


 Run as Administrator


Change colours of Polygons

no need to know the hex !

Currently the maximum 16 polygons can be changed depending on your device.

How to get OSM pois, like speed cameras on your Nuvi or Zumo .

Garmin used .gpi files for their POis . More on gpi file format.

OSM POIS on your Nuvi/Zumo



1) 'Arrow' colours : change 'RTE_ACTIV_LEG'

2)Traffic 'lines' are generated by Garmin and cannot be customised.

To make lines stand out, make your polygons and highways darker.

Editing Railway Lines Day or Night
  Editing Railway Lines Day or Night

What it does

All themes have the extension .kmtf / On many Nuvis they are found in a Themes/Maps folder.

Maps contain a maximum of 5 'Presentations' ( categories)

Guidance, Browse, Traffic, Turn Preview, Route Preview and Pedestrian

This means you can have your guidance and traffic maps look differently etc.

Some default map themes have only one Presentation. With Theme Editor you can quickly select and add/remove a presentation.

  Garmin informed us:

  'I think that you can safely ignore all of the presentations but the “Guidance” presentation.  
  Late in development, we decided to change directions and make all presentations of map use
  the same base theme.'


It appears that some lines have a bitmap although they cannot be altered by the user, ie

The notion of such lines having borders is somewhat confusing.

No point changing some Lines and Areas

There are quite a few lines and areas which are never rendered on your Sat Nav, ie contours,power lines,building shades.

This is because no such data is included in the City Navigator Maps.

Small waterways, rivers, always seem to have a default blue.and are not altered by MISC_WATER_LINE


Roundabouts are not affected by a theme . Their size and colour are taken from the type of highway they represent.

Lines where border colors have no effect

Trails & Unpaved Roads

Picture left illustrates the difference between Trails and Unpaved Roads

They are normally barely visible on your nuvi but rendered as green and orange. Both have borders in the kmtf file but these are totally ignored!

Beaches are rendered orange as a polygon.

Taken from City Navigator Europe NTU 2019.2 - see below

How to convert kmtf to TYP

TYPWiz 6 converts kmtf files to TYP files enabling you to visualise your new style on Basecamp/Mapsource.

We converted the relevant ktmf files then added them to City Navigator Europe NTU 2019.2 using TYPWiz 6 --> Tools,Add & Replace ...

Dutch Theme German Theme French Theme
Dutch Theme German Theme French Theme

Download Theme Editor

Theme Editor 4
Theme Editor setup 4.1
Older Version
Theme Editor setup 3.1
 Latest version requires new key - see above

 Secure Download Theme Editor manual

Windows 7/10/11 click here

 Registration details:

 Go Registration --> Add Key and enter



Change colours of lines and borders of Highways and other lines .

Currently a maximum of 33 lines are available.,
Not all of them may be used by your device
- see below.

Add Registration  

FIT to GPX/TCX/CSV converter

Fit Converter


GPI File Structure

GPI files contain data about the POIs used by sat-navs, such as speed cameras,petrol stations,supermarkets etc.

These are not text files ;information can be extracted to edit your POIS or even create new ones.


Check out more information >