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Kenn & Haldon offering breathtaking views of a secluded Devon
Parke Estate
1 hour walks
Point of Interest

Kenn,Haldon Cafe,Haldon

Tranquil Lane

This walk offers a journey into the past through a rolling landscape,blue-belled woods and along ancient tracks.

It starts near Kenn and follows the river of the same name with a steady and not strenuous climb up Haldon Hill.

Carpets of bluebells
A photographer's dream end of April

It follows 2 very ancient tracks,Holloway Lane and St Andrew's Lane.

Holloway Lane,now a bridleway,starts next to the entrance to Exeter Lodge.

The importance of this bridleway was marked by one of the oldest fingerposts in Devon ,headed Devon CC and pointing to Kenn and Kenton.

Unfortunately it has been vandalised fairly recently!

Fingerpost Kenn Kenton
Vandalised fingerpost

This remarkable lane flanked by trees and shrubs climbs gracefully on an embankment to the top of Haldon with magnificent views on either side - look out for Exmouth on your left.

As you enter Haldon the path becomes a cobbled track carefully hollowed out .

This must have been a very important route designed to take horse and carts to the river Kenn.

Just before it bends to the left ,take an almost secret small path sharp right - it initially runs parallel to the lane then bears right and becomes a track. You are now level and the only way back is down !

If you are not following a gps route then use the second map to guide you to St Andrew's Lane.

Beware of cyclists.

St Andrew's Lane also dates back to the Iron Age.

It seems strange that it descends almost in a straight line to a T junction (where you turn left back to Kenn).
However,crop marks have revealed a hill fort at the top of Berber Hill on the other side of the lane. Presumably,the track continued along the hedge past the hill fort to the river Kenn.

6 miles
2 hrs 30 mins
main roads
0 %
altitude range
27 - 232 m
quality of track

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Near Kenn Church

There is a steady climb.

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Map of Walk


Haldon route to St Andrew's lane

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